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Prospective Food Vendors

1. Prospective Food Vendor must complete application available at Columbus Farmers Market Office. Food Vendors menus must be approved by Columbus Farmers Market Management. 


2. Food Vendor must contact Burlington County Health Department at 609-265-5515 for inspection and approval. A $100 annual fee will be charged for application.


3. Food Vendor must obtain permit from the Division of Fire Safety at 609-633-6132. Check or money order in the amount of $42.00 must be included with the application. Any deviation from attached requirements may result in removal from the market.


4. Food Vendor must provide proof of Product Liability Insurance in the amount of $300,000.00. A Certificate of Insurance, naming the Columbus Farmers Market as co-insured, must be submitted. 


5.Rental Fees for Food Vendors are:

        $150.00 Daily, available ONLY on Thursdays

        $425.00 per month for Thursdays

        $850.00 per month for Thursdays and Sundays


6. Food Vendors paying on a  daily basis will be assigned location by Columbus Managers. Food Vendors paying on a monthly basis will be assigned a permanent space location.


7. NO Outside Food Vendors are permitted on Saturdays,


8. Food Vendors can only pay as a DAILY on THURSDAY market days.


9. Food Vendors must follow the "Flea Market Rules" as specified on the back of the tickets.


10. Required by state law, vendors must recycle. All food containers, jars, and bottles, are to be rinsed. 




Please contact the Columbus Farmers Market Office with further questions: 609-267-0400.

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